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Sylvia Written by A.R. Gurney Directed by Richard Cowan Greg,   a   restless   empty-nester,   finds   Sylvia   the   dog   in   a   park   and   brings   her   home   to   his   wife   Kate,   who   is less   than   enthusiastic   about   keeping   her.   Kate,   reluctantly,   allows   Sylvia   to   stay,   and   Greg   and   Sylvia become    increasingly    close.    Sylvia    exerts    such    a    charismatic    pull    on    Greg    that    Kate’s    friends    are concerned   and   their   marriage   may   be   threatened.   Sylvia   is   a   smart,   sophisticated,   and   sometimes   salty comedy about relationships and the nature of growing old together. Performances: January 26, 27, 28, February 2, 3, 4,  2018 Anne of Green Gables Adapted by Michelle R. Davis Directed by Sybil Todd Join    in    the    adventures    of   Anne    Shirley    as    she    travels    from    childhood    to    maturity    in    this heartwarming   adaptation   of   the   classic   novel.   Anne   is   an   independent,   red-headed,   freckle- faced   orphan   who   changes   the   lives   and   hearts   of   all   who   come   to   know   her.   Delight   in Anne’s high-spirited   antics   as   she   narrowly   escapes   Mrs.   Blewett’s   clutches   at   the   orphanage,   whacks Gilbert   over   the   head   with   her   slate,   saves   little   Minnie   May   from   her   deathbed   and,   when   she has come of age, finally lets Gilbert into her life. Performances: March 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18,  2018        CAYT Shows are for actors aged 10 to 18 (5 th  to 12 th  grades) Sponsored by Cable Ad Concepts  Clemson Area Youth Theatre (CAYT) For Ages 6–10   Winter Classes will be Mondays,   February 5 - March 12, 2018  from 5:30- 6:30pm Ms. Latoya Young is the Instructor Register immediately to secure one of the limited student spots! For Information on this and any of our CAYT Programs, Call 864-646-8100 NOTICE: Daytime Drama, scheduled to start on January 18, is postponed until next week due to weather.        We offer a hearty and heartfelt WELCOME to Clemson Downs Retirement Community, who returns to sponsor our entire season of plays again. We thank them for their support and their interest in preserving the health of this theatre and the spirit of the arts.
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