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CAYT Summer Workshops?

Class   sizes   are   limited   this   year,   and   early   registrations   have   filled   all   sessions.   We   are looking forward to welcoming all our students! Click below for the Workshop Brochure. 6/15/2017: All Sessions are full . Thank you.

Auditions coming soon:

‘Til Beth Do Us Part July 23 @ 3PM  &  July 24 @ 7PM Annie, jr. July 29 @ Noon  &  July 30 @ 4PM Miracle on 34th Street October 8 @ 3PM  &  October 9 @ 6:30PM Sylvia December 3 @ 7PM  &  December 4 @ 7PM Anne of Green Gables January 7 @ 3 PM  &  January 8 @ 6:30 PM        We offer a hearty and heartfelt WELCOME to Clemson Downs Retirement Community, who returns to sponsor our entire season of plays again. We thank them for their support and their interest in preserving the health of this theatre and the spirit of the arts.
Summer Workshop Brochure Summer Workshop Brochure