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Annie Jr. - the musical

Musical Production Presented by special arrangement with Music Theatre International Directed by Latoya Young With   equal   measures   of   pluck   and   positivity,   little   orphan Annie   charms   everyone’s   hearts   despite   a   next- to-nothing   start   in   1930s   New   York   City.   Annie   is   determined   to   find   the   parents   who   abandoned   her years   ago   on   the   doorstep   of   an   orphanage   run   by   the   cruel   Miss   Hannigan. Annie   eventually   foils   Miss Hannigan’s   evil   machinations,   finding   a   new   home   and   family   in   billionaire   Oliver   Warbucks,   his   personal secretary,   Grace   Farrell,   and   a   lovable   mutt   named   Sandy.   It   may   be   a   “Hard   Knock   Life”   but   Annie   will never stop believing in “Tomorrow.” Performances: October 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29,  2017 Ticket prices for this youth musical: Adult $15, college student $7, youth $5        CAYT Shows are for actors aged 10 to 18 (5 th  to 12 th  grades) Miracle on 34th Street Based on the Twentieth Century Fox motion picture Directed by Sybil Todd A   Christmas   Classic.   The   holiday   season   is   in   full   swing   when   a   cultured   gentleman   with   twinkling   eyes, an   ample   belly,   and   a   snowy   beard   is   hired   as   Macy’s   department   store   Santa.   He   claims   his   name   is Kris   Kringle,   and   soon   fills   everyone   with   Christmas   spirit   -   except   for   his   boss,   Doris   Walker,   who’s raising   her   daughter   Susan   to   not   believe   in   Santa.   But   when   Kris   is   declared   insane   and   put   on   trial, everyone’s   faith   is   put   to   the   test   as   old   and   young   alike   face   the   age   old   question:   Do   you   believe   in Santa Claus? Performances: December 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10,  2017

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Sylvia December 3 @ 7PM  &  December 4 @ 7PM Anne of Green Gables January 7 @ 3 PM  &  January 8 @ 6:30 PM        We offer a hearty and heartfelt WELCOME to Clemson Downs Retirement Community, who returns to sponsor our entire season of plays again. We thank them for their support and their interest in preserving the health of this theatre and the spirit of the arts.
Annie, jr. Cast List & Read-thru Instructions Annie, jr. Cast List & Read-thru Instructions
Cast List for Miracle on 34th Street Cast List for Miracle on 34th Street