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Home, Hearth and Heart

‘Til Beth Do Us Part

by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, and Jamie Wooten Directed by Rebecca Evatt It’s   marriage   mayhem   as   career   driven   Suzannah   Hayden   hires   a   personal   assistant   to   get   more help   on   the   home   front   than   she   is   getting   from   her   husband,   Gibby.   Enter   energetic   Beth   Bailey. Suzannah   gives   Beth   carte   blanche   to   do   anything   in   the   household   to   make   it   run   more   efficiently. Gibby   becomes   increasingly   wary   of   the   new   woman   as   she   interjects   herself   into   more   and   more aspects   of   their   lives,   including   Suzannah’s   career.   Who   stays   and   who   goes?   And   how   much calamity is involved? Performances: September 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 2017 Auditions: July 23 @ 3PM  &  July 24 @ 7PM Annie, jr. Musical Production Presented by special arrangement with Music Theatre International Directed by Latoya Young With   equal   measures   of   pluck   and   positivity,   little   orphan Annie   charms   everyone’s   hearts   despite   a next-to-nothing    start    in    1930s    New    York    City.    Annie    is    determined    to    find    the    parents    who abandoned   her   years   ago   on   the   doorstep   of   an   orphanage   run   by   the   cruel   Miss   Hannigan. Annie eventually   foils   Miss   Hannigan’s   evil   machinations,   finding   a   new   home   and   family   in   billionaire Oliver   Warbucks,   his   personal   secretary,   Grace   Farrell,   and   a   lovable   mutt   named   Sandy.   It   may   be a “Hard Knock Life” but Annie will never stop believing in “Tomorrow.” Performances: October 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29,  2017 Ticket prices for this youth musical: Adult $15, college student $7, youth $5 Auditions: July 29 @ Noon  &  July 30 @ 4PM        CAYT Shows are for actors aged 10 to 18 (5 th  to 12 th  grades) Miracle on 34th Street Based on the Twentieth Century Fox motion picture Directed by Sybil Todd A   Christmas   Classic.   The   holiday   season   is   in   full   swing   when   a   cultured   gentleman   with   twinkling eyes,   an   ample   belly,   and   a   snowy   beard   is   hired   as   Macy’s   department   store   Santa.   He   claims   his name   is   Kris   Kringle,   and   soon   fills   everyone   with   Christmas   spirit   -   except   for   his   boss,   Doris Walker,   who’s   raising   her   daughter   Susan   to   not   believe   in   Santa.   But   when   Kris   is   declared   insane and   put   on   trial,   everyone’s   faith   is   put   to   the   test   as   old   and   young   alike   face   the   age   old   question: Do you believe in Santa Claus? Performances: December 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10,  2017 Auditions: October 8 @ 3PM  & October 9 @ 6:30PM Sponsored by Shane D Smith Allstate Agency  Sylvia Written by A.R. Gurney Directed by Richard Cowan Greg,   a   restless   empty-nester,   finds   Sylvia   the   dog   in   a   park   and   brings   her   home   to   his   wife   Kate, who   is   less   than   enthusiastic   about   keeping   her.   Kate,   reluctantly,   allows   Sylvia   to   stay,   and   Greg and   Sylvia   become   increasingly   close.   Sylvia   exerts   such   a   charismatic   pull   on   Greg   that   Kate’s friends   are   concerned   and   their   marriage   may   be   threatened.   Sylvia   is   a   smart,   sophisticated,   and sometimes salty comedy about relationships and the nature of growing old together. Performances: January 26, 27, 28, February 2, 3, 4,  2018 Auditions: December 3 & December 4 @ 7PM Anne of Green Gables Adapted by Michelle R. Davis Directed by Sybil Todd Join   in   the   adventures   of   Anne   Shirley   as   she   travels   from   childhood   to   maturity   in   this heartwarming   adaptation   of   the   classic   novel. Anne   is   an   independent,   red-headed,   freckle- faced   orphan   who   changes   the   lives   and   hearts   of   all   who   come   to   know   her.   Delight   in Anne’s    high-spirited    antics    as    she    narrowly    escapes    Mrs.    Blewett’s    clutches    at    the orphanage,   whacks   Gilbert   over   the   head   with   her   slate,   saves   little   Minnie   May   from   her deathbed and, when she has come of age, finally lets Gilbert into her life. Performances: March 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18,  2018 Auditions: January 7 @ 3 PM  &  January 8 @ 6:30 PM        CAYT Shows are for actors aged 10 to 18 (5 th  to 12 th  grades) Sponsored by Cable Ad Concepts  Driving Miss Daisy Written by Alfred Uhry Directed by Jimmy O. Burdette Daisy   Werthan,   a   widowed,   72-year-old   Jewish   woman   living   in   midcentury   Atlanta,   is   deemed   too old   to   drive.   Her   son   hires   Hoke   Colburn,   an African American   man,   to   serve   as   her   chauffeur.   What begins   as   a   troubled   and   hostile   pairing,   soon   blossoms   into   a   profound,   life-altering   friendship   that transcends all the societal boundaries placed between them.  Performances: April 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29,  2018 Note: All Auditions will be held in Cox Hall, next door to the Theatre Call the CLT office at 864-646-8100 for more information!