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Begun   in   1931,   The   Clemson   Little   Theatre   is   one   of   the   oldest   community   theatres   in   South Carolina.   Originally   started   by   friends   of   Clemson   University,   many   of   its   early   productions (even   into   the   1960s)   were   performed   in   buildings   on   and   around   campus.   Since   1992   CLT has   made   its   home   in   its   own   theatre,   the   Pendleton   Playhouse   in   lovely   and   historic Pendleton, SC. Next on stage:

‘Til Beth Do Us Part

by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, and Jamie Wooten Directed by Rebecca Evatt It’s   marriage   mayhem   as   career   driven   Suzannah   Hayden   hires   a   personal   assistant to   get   more   help   on   the   home   front   than   she   is   getting   from   her   husband,   Gibby. Enter   energetic   Beth   Bailey.   Suzannah   gives   Beth   carte   blanche   to   do   anything   in   the household   to   make   it   run   more   efficiently.   Gibby   becomes   increasingly   wary   of   the new   woman   as   she   interjects   herself   into   more   and   more   aspects   of   their   lives, including   Suzannah’s   career.   Who   stays   and   who   goes?   And   how   much   calamity   is involved? Performances: September 8-10, 15-17, 2017

Annie Jr. - the musical - cast list

For the Annie Jr. cast list, click the link below. First READ THRU will be TUESDAY AUGUST 22 at 6:30 pm in COX HALL. Bring a pencil and a highlighter. PARENT MEETING will be TUESDAY AUGUST 22 at 6:30 pm in the LOBBY of the theatre. Please attend, as we will be distributing important information and rehearsal schedules. CLT on Facebook
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Annie, jr. Cast List & Read-thru Instructions Annie, jr. Cast List & Read-thru Instructions