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Begun   in   1931,   The   Clemson   Little   Theatre   is   one   of   the   oldest   community   theatres   in   South Carolina.   Originally   started   by   friends   of   Clemson   University,   many   of   its   early   productions (even   into   the   1960s)   were   performed   in   buildings   on   and   around   campus.   Since   1992   CLT has   made   its   home   in   its   own   theatre,   the   Pendleton   Playhouse   in   lovely   and   historic Pendleton, SC. Next on stage:

Hank Williams: Lost Highway

by Randal Myler and Mark Harelik Directed by Jimmy O. Burdette HANK   WILLIAMS:   LOST   HIGHWAY   is   a   spectacular   musical   biography   of   Hank Williams,    serving    up    classic    country    with    the    edges    raw    and    the    energy    hot…. Through    his    incredible    music,    travel    on    a    profound    emotional    journey    with    this legendary    singer/songwriter.    Follow    Williams'    rise    from    his    beginnings    on    the Louisiana   Hayride   to   his   triumphs   on   the   Grand   Ole   Opry   to   his   eventual   self- destruction at twenty-nine.  Performances: June 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 2017 Annual Members Meeting will be held in Cox Hall on Sunday, May 21, 2016 At 3 PM All   current   season   members   are   encouraged   to   attend.   Come   learn   what’s been   going   on   behind   the   scenes   and   what   you   can   do   to   help   our   theatre   yours and mine — grow and prosper.

Does the warm weather have you thinking about the

CAYT Summer Workshops?

Class   sizes   are   limited   this   year,   and   there   won’t   be   last-minute   sign-ups. Parents   are   already   contacting   the   CLT   office   to   enroll   their   children.   Don’t   be left out in the warm! Click below for the Workshop Brochure and sign up today! 5/11/2017: Sessions 6, 7, and 8 are full , with waiting lists for 7 and 8. CLT on Facebook
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