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Mission Statement of The Clemson Little Theatre

The Clemson Little Theatre is a volunteer, non-profit, community organization dedicated to: Presenting youth and adult dramatic productions of high quality Fostering cultural activity for the entertainment and education of the citizens of the area Providing an opportunity for members of the community to participate in the production of educational and entertaining programs in the theatre arts Developing in members of the area an appreciation of live theatre through onstage, backstage, and audience participation Normally producing a minimum of five productions per year, two of which shall be productions of the Clemson Area Youth Theatre Acting participation in productions of the Clemson Area Youth Theatre shall be limited to youths in the fifth through twelfth grades and youths shall be substantially involved in all facets of production.

Board of Directors

Shelley Holbrooks (President), Kris Hersom (Secretary), Danna Briggs (Treasurer), Betsy Allardice, Cathy Applequist, Lynn Campbell, Caitlin Herrington, Paul Hyde, Shea Ropp, Angel Ruff, Kate Shipley, Latoya Young Office Manager: Linda Lavold

Public Designation of The

Clemson Little Theatre

CLT began life on the campus of Clemson University and was incorporated in Clemson, but CLT now makes its home in Pendleton, SC. This has caused misrepresentation of CLT’s name. Read below for clarification of CLT’s Public Designation.

Money Accounts of The

Clemson Little Theatre

The Clemson Little Theatre has three official money accounts, although within those some funds are earmarked for specific goals. Read here a description of the three money accounts.

Memorial Chairs at The

Clemson Little Theatre

For your charitable gift of $300 to The Clemson Little Theatre, we will honor you or a loved one with an engraved brass plate permanently mounted on the back of one of our theatre chairs. Learn more below.

Theatre Etiquette


It is nice to respect your neighbors in the audience and actors on stage. Here are a few tips to consider.

City of Clemson


The City of Clemson is the original home town of The Clemson Little Theatre, and Clemson still remembers.

Town of Pendleton


The historic Town of Pendleton is now home to The Clemson Little Theatre, and we and the town are both glad we’re here.
Memorial Chairs Memorial Chairs Pendleton welcome Pendleton welcome